Accomplished Musician & Teacher

Lydia Bandy is an accomplished piano teacher, composer, and performer from the Central Maryland area.

Lydia’s passion for the piano is evident from her playing and teaching. At an early age, she watched Looney Tunes cartoons and began playing the music on the piano. She started formal lessons at age 7 and continued through college. In high school, Lydia began teaching piano and performing at local coffee shops, weddings, and special events, as well as in numerous concerts and recitals. Included in her performances were her own original compositions, and she advanced to State levels in her piano competitions. Lydia earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from McDaniel College in 2004, studying classical piano under the guidance of Dr. David Kreider.

Experienced Teacher

During high school, Lydia also became Assistant Piano Teacher to the late Judy Ferencz, the former President of the Maryland State Music Teachers Association. Since her college graduation, Lydia has steadily built up a private piano clientele, which currently includes over 55 students. From her Westminster studio and Stu's Music Shop, Lydia teaches beginner through advanced level piano lessons to students from age 6 through adult and supports student performance through recitals and competitions. In 2011, Lydia was invited to join the Barnes-Ferencz Competition Committee; she encourages students to participate in this judged memorial competition.

Flexible & Engaging Performer

Lydia is an experienced performer available for hire at weddings, parties, corporate events, and coffee houses or similar venues. She has appeared in various venues and at local businesses, including Gypy's Tea Room, events at Baltimore's Marriott Hotel, and local luxury golf courses. Lydia plays both piano and Celtic harp, tailoring selections to your needs and the occasion. Her music and presence add a professional and polished tone for any occasion.

Talented Composer

Lydia began writing and performing her own compositions in local coffee houses during high school. "Piano Pearls" - her first recorded album of original compositions featuring light, ambient music – was released in November 2011. You may listen and purchase Piano Pearls on

Please feel free to get in touch with Lydia with any questions you may have about her music, teaching, or performing.

"Lydia Bandy volunteered and performed for residents in our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit. Her music relaxed and kept the residents engaged, which is not an easy feat.... Ms. Bandy is a very talented person who has the ability to use her music to connect with people at a very deep level."

~ Jesse Johnson, Activity Director
   Long View Nursing Home

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Piano Pearls can be purchased on!Piano Pearls (2011)
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YouTube Video: Lydia Performance MedleyLydia Bandy ~ Performance Medley
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Lydia Bandy Celtic Harp PlayerLydia Bandy ~ Celtic Harp Samples
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