Kim Gordon, Advanced Student

“If you are looking for a piano/harp teacher in the Carroll County/Westminster area, Lydia Bandy is the one! I took piano lessons with her when I was 7 up until I was 16 and would have continued lessons with her until my senior year of high school if the opportunity was there.

My experience with her as my teacher was nothing short of wonderful and beneficial. My skills grew quickly, and she made sure I knew the foundations of music. Learning piano lessons from her helped me get into college to study music. There was a good group of students who came in not knowing basic piano skills (which was necessary for graduation) or knowing any foundations of music theory.

Thanks to Lydia, I was ahead of the game and came in at a more advanced level. I am now a singer/songwriter and if I hadn’t taken piano lessons from her when I was younger, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Everything I know about music stems from my piano lessons with her.

To top it all off, Lydia has such a fun and friendly personality. She never got frustrated or angry with me when I wasn’t progressing like I should. She was always patient and never gave up on me as a student. She is a wonderful teacher and an amazing person! You won’t regret learning piano from her!”

Published by theharpist2000

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