Connects with Her Audience...

"In Summer 2011, Ms. Lydia Bandy volunteered her time and performed for over an hour, playing the piano for residents in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit. Her music relaxed and kept the residents engaged, which is not an easy feat when working with people who have Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Along with her talent, Ms. Bandy is very flexible. During her performance, there was a fire drill! Ms. Bandy went along with the drill and, despite it disrupting her performance and having to be escorted around an unfamiliar environment, she jumped right back onto the piano bench and continued playing! Ms. Bandy is a very talented person who has the ability to use her music to connect with people at a very deep level."

~ Jesse Johnson, Activity Director      
Long View Nursing Home      

Talented & Patient Teacher...

"I have been a student of Lydia Bandy since 2003, when I began taking lessons as a beginning student. Being an older student this is quite challenging for me and she has been very patient teacher. I have observed Lydia interacting with other students and she seems to have a great rapport with them. I participated in a recital which was fun and well organized. Lydia is a gifted and talented individual who also sings, plays the harp and entertains at local coffeehouses."

~ Sharon Bragg, Student      

Really Cares About Students...

"I have been with Ms. Lydia for 7 years because she really cares about the student...She cared about what I wanted to learn and taught me different skills about piano, but also let me learn about composition, jazz and blues. She also gives me and other students the chance to participate in different community events. I really like this, because it gives me something to look forward to and show how much I have improved."

"Ms. Lydia is a nice and compassionate person. If you have a problem with scheduling or didn’t have time to practice, she understands. I would recommend Ms. Lydia to anyone who is interested in learning the piano."

~ Joey Dell, student      

Stylish & Professional Entertainer...

"Ms. Lydia Bandy has been an entertainer for several of our special events over the past few years. Lydia is not only a very talented musician, she also has a wonderful rapport with the audience. We receive compliments when she performs; therefore, she has been invited to play at our establishment numerous times. Ms. Bandy is a personable, professional, and stylish young woman, and I assure you that she would an asset for your entertainment program."

~ Gypsy "Jo" Fleck, Proprietor      
Gypsy’s Tearoom      

Wonderful & Flexible Performer...

"Having Lydia play for our wedding was wonderful. Not only was she able to be flexible, both with timing and music selection, she also plays beautifully. She was able to give us suggestions on typical wedding music, but easily performed an untraditional wedding song as well. I would highly recommend having Lydia perform at your wedding or special event - you won't be sorry."

~ Amy Milburn, Bride     

Knowledgeable & Positive Teacher...

"My son has been taking piano lessons with Lydia for over 3 years. I sit in on his weekly lessons am always impressed with the way Lydia interacts with my son, as well as with her teaching style.

Lydia takes into account my son’s personality, strengths and weaknesses and teaches all the aspects of learning to play piano in an upbeat and encouraging manner. She makes learning fun and interesting, whether it’s working through a lesson book, learning music theory, music history, proper technique, or preparing for recitals.

Lydia genuinely cares about my son and shows interest in him, not just as her student but also as a person. She is very knowledgeable about music and is always willing to answer questions and explain things further so that we can better understand. My son has learned to work hard to accomplish his pieces and has made wonderful progress in learning to play piano while gaining confidence. Lydia’s consistently positive attitude has helped my son to learn to approach not only learning to play piano, but also other aspects of life with perseverance and a more positive attitude."

~ Judy Robertson, Parent     

Flexible & Impressive...

"Lydia Bandy was my wedding pianist...I was very impressed with how well she played, especially without knowing her personally at the time or hearing her play before. Lydia was very flexible and willing and able to play all of my requests. I was very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend Lydia as your pianist at any event you may have."

~ Ruth Ready, Bride & Piano Student     

Parent Could Not Ask for More...

"Lydia has been teaching my older son piano for more than eight years….he has gained an invaluable appreciation for music, which he's shared with his two younger siblings (now also Lydia's students). I credit Lydia with helping Luke discover what I hope to be a lifelong passion for music. He is a member of all three of his high school bands, is comfortable performing and speaking in public, and has made many friends through his music."

"Luke’s brother and sister, too, have grown under Lydia's guidance. Her patience, her talent and her love of piano—not to mention sense of humor—have encouraged them to truly want to play the piano. A parent couldn't ask for much more…that's how much we appreciate Lydia."

~ Kris Roeder, Parent     

Perfect Wedding Day...

"Words cannot describe how perfect Lydia helped make our wedding day! She is an extremely talented and remarkable pianist….very accommodating to our requests. Many guests commented on how great she was. We would definitely recommend her!"

~ Romina Purpora Ridlon, Bride      

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