Lydia Bandy’s Piano Studio

Piano and Celtic Harp Teacher, Pianist, Celtic Harpist

Lydia Bandy is one of the most sought out PIANO AND CELTIC HARP TEACHERS and MUSICIANS in the Carroll County and Baltimore area. She has been teaching close to 20 years offering quality private piano lessons to beginners through advanced levels from her home studio and local music shops. She earned her BA in Music at McDaniel College and is involved in local music associations and piano competition committees. She was rated the top 5 Piano Teachers of Baltimore in 2022 and Carroll’s Best in Music Lessons for 2022.

Lydia teaches all ages, levels, and works well with autistic and ADHD students. She hosts annual piano recitals and performances that include a variety of styles of music from pop, classical, jazz, rock, and hymns. Throughout the years, her talented students have placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in various piano competitions. She loves working with adults and introducing them to music therapy techniques.

Lydia plays both piano and Celtic harp, tailoring selections to your needs and the occasion. Her music and presence add a professional and polished tone for any occasion. She has performed at various locations from libraries, churches, airports, and 5 star hotels and restaurants in the Baltimore area, and volunteered with the USO and performed at BWI airport for the troops being deployed.  She regularly performs assisting living facilities, and hospitals, including in home hospice care. Lydia is an experienced performer available for hire for parties, weddings, memorials, cocktail hour, churches, and similar venues. 

Lydia also is a composer and released “Piano Pearls” in 2011 and available on Spotify and other streaming services. She continues to compose and hopes to release more piano and harp albums in the future.

Explore this site to learn more about Lydia or contact Lydia to request lesson or performance information.


Contact Number: 410.876.3653


Facebook/Instagram: @LydiasPianoStudio @LydiasPianoStudio

YouTube: ClassyPianoKeys88 Classypianokeys88

Spotify: Piano Pearls By Lydia Bandy

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I play and teach piano & Celtic harp! Spotify: Facebook/Instagram: @LydiasPianoStudio

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